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  Motion 3000ES Escalator Controller
  SCR Drives
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  Alphabetical Part Number List
  11-02-0033 to 60-52-0012
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  Harmonic SmarTraq
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Alphabetical Part Number List

HC-ACI AC drive interface board
HC-ACI-D Interface board for series M DC
HC-ACIF AC drive interface with flux vector
HC-CCDB MOM/MOH door board for cartop
HC-CHP /-M CAN hub and power supply board
(-M if iMonitor equipped)
HC-CI/O Call I/O board
HC-CI/O-E Call I/O board PHC/PTC
HC-CI/O-EL Call I/O board PHC/PTC LOW voltage
HC-CI/O-L Call I/O board low voltage
HC-CI/O-LVHC Call I/O board low voltage HI current
HC-CI/O-N Call I/O board neon lamp
HC-CS Current sensor board LEM-70A
HC-CTL Control board
HC-CTL-NB Control board no bypass switches
HC-DAB Duplex adaptor board
HC-DB-MOD MOD door board
HC-DB-MOD-R MOD rear door board
HC-DB-MOM/H MOM/H door board
HC-DB-MOM/HR MOM/H rear door board rev 1-1
HC-DFLS DF landing system board
HC-DFLS-TR DF landing system board traction
HC-DFQ DF-QUIK landing system board
HC-DFQ-TR DF-QUIK landing system board traction
HC-DO-DRIVE-R8 SmarTraq drive rev 8
HC-DO-DRIVE-MODULE SmarTraq drive, replacement module det
HC-DPS Door power supply rev 1-1
HC-DPS-MOM/H MOM/H door board with power supply R3-3
HC-DPS-MOM/HR MOM/H RR door board with power supply R3-3
HC-DVR Driver board, Motion 2000
HC-EI-05B15 Encoder interface 5VENC 15VDR
HC-EI-15B05 Encoder interface 15VENC 5VDR
HC-ENCS-12V Encoder interface 12V F/SCR Performa R 1
HC-EQ2 Earthquake 2 board
HC-ETS Overspeed detect board rev 1-2
HC-ETS-I ETS/INSP LEV overspeed board
rev 1-2
HC-GB Gong board with 2 relays
HC-GB-4 Gong board with 4 relays
HC-HBF Doorlock bypass front ASME
HC-HBFR Doorlock bypass front/rear ASME
HC-I4O I/O expander 16IN/4OUT
HC-IOX I/O Expander board
HC-IOX-L 8 I/O & load weighing
HC-IPLS IP landing system board
HC-IPLS-TR IP landing system board A17 traction
HC-LB-BF Lock bypass with FD & RG rev 3-5
HC-LC-L Load weigh Xfrmation board rev 2-0
HC-LSQ LSQ landing system board rev 0-0
HC-LSQ-P Encoder interface power supply
rev 0-0
HC-LWIP Load weigher board, isolated platform
HC-LWIPA Load weigher isolated platform box assy
HC-MPU Main processor board
HC-MPU-M Main processor board (iMonitor ethernet connection)
HC-OA-120-12 Output adaptor board 120V 12 POS
HC-OA-120-16 Output adaptor board 120V 16 POS
HC-OA-24-12 Output adaptor board 24V 12
HC-OA-24-16 Output adaptor board 24V 16
HC-OA-48-12 Output adaptor board 48V 12
HC-OA-48-16 Output adaptor board 48V 16
HC-PCIO Power call I/O board
HC-PCIO-L Power call I/O board LOW V
HC-PCIO-LVHC Power call I/O board LV HC
HC-PI/O Power input/output board
HC-PIX PI expander board 8-POS
HC-PIX-16 PI expander board 16-POS
HC-RB-1 Hydro relay board ATL rev 01
HC-RB-1SP Relay board 1 speed AC rev 01
HC-RB-1YD Hydro relay board WYE DELTA rev 01
HC-RB-2 Traction relay board
HC-RB-2SP Relay board 2 speed AC
HC-RB4 Traction relay board
HC-RB4-2SP Traction relay board 2 speed
HC-RB4-SCR Traction SCR relay board
HC-RB4-SCRI Traction IMC SCR telay board
HC-RB4-VFAC VFAC relay board
HC-RB-ALI Relay board for ALIMAK
HC-RB-DYNA Relay board for DYNALIFT
HC-RBH Hydro relay board
HC-RB-SCR Relay board for SCR
HC-RB-VFAC Relay board variable freq AC rev 02
HC-RD Logic rear door board
HC-RDR Rear door board
HC-RDRB-D Rear door relay board-depend
HC-RDRB-I Rear door relay board-independ
rev 0-0
HC-RPSDB MOM/MOH door board power supply
HC-RST SCR auto reset board rev 0-0
HC-RT Relay tester board rev 1-1
HC-RT10 Resistor termination board w/ ten 15K res
HC-RT20 Resistor termination noard w/ twenty 15K res
HC-RT20-A Resistor termination board for NYTA
HC-RTF Regen transistor failure rev 0-0
HC-SB1 Sensor board for LS-QUAD-2
HC-SCR SCR interface board for pattern generator
HC-SCR-GPG SCR interface board for GPG
HC-SIB Selectable input board
HC-SRT-H240 240 Volt SR timer board
HC-SRT-L120 120 Volt SR timer board
HC-TAB-2 Tract adaptor board
HC-TAB-DF Tract adaptor board/DIST.FB
HC-TAB-INT Tract adaptor board with INT SPD
HC-TACH-MG Tach adjust board VVMC-MG controller
HC-TACH-SCR Tach adjust board for VVMC-SCR controller
HC-UIO Universal I/O board



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